The Lonely Island comedy rap trio make fun of "semicolon rap" on 'Semicolon' featuring Solange.

The song is the latest in a series of tracks they've been releasing in their Wack Wednesdays series to promote their forthcoming project, 'The Wack Album.'

The effort starts off with a teacher telling the three they are about to learn a lesson about semicolons. They confidently claim to know how to use one, which follows by lyrics that include, "My stomach's getting fat, food" and "It's right under your nose, semicolon, mouth." "These semicolons are the light inside my dark," sings Solange as if this was some type of love song.

In the end, they find out they've been using semicolons wrong the whole time -- they were actually supposed to use colons in the sentences they spit.

'The Wack Album' drops June 11.

Listen to the Lonely Island's 'Semicolon' Feat. Solange

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