Stores are a few hours away from opening up, food stops are empty and business owners are enjoying the silence. It's time to dance. Solange plays around a commercial area and in a rhythmically lit hallway in the video for 'Lovers in the Parking Lot,' a song off her 'True' EP.

The song centers around a young and game character who isn't ready to settle down despite her lover's interest in doing so, but later she realizes how lonely the single life is.

The video features Solange perhaps playing the character before the realization. Throughout the video she dances in neon, '80s-style clothing and glow-in-the-dark sneakers in the hallway scenes as if she's "playing around in the dark" instead of "laying around in the dark."

In other scenes, Solange cavorts around a variety of stores. She dances in a shiny shirt at the arcade and dances in the middle of a beauty shop aisle. She dances even when there's shop workers innocently trying to run their businesses in the background. They do halfheartedly join her in the fun, so it's sort of a good time for all.

The video was shot in Houston, Texas and directed by Peter J. Brant, Emily Kai Bock and Solange herself.

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