Imagine yourself washing clothes at a laundromat and all of a sudden, Solange comes in and performs an impromptu concert. Well, Beyonce's sister did just that Monday night (July 29) in Brooklyn, N.Y., as part of vitaminwater and FADER’s #uncapped series.

The R&B mom rocked an intimate set at Brooklyn's Atlantis Super Wash Center. She performed songs from her 'True' EP as well as a cover tune that was apropos for the occasion.

“This laundromat really has me wanting to be a drama queen tonight, so excuse my theatrics,” Solange said before she performed 'Bad Girls' from her 'True' EP.

Solange's outfit was to-die-for. The songbird wore a printed sweatshirt and matching shorts outfit from Clover Canyon's 2014 Resort collection, which revealed her never-ending killer legs. The daffodil yellow-colored snakeskin heels completed the whole ensemble. Not only was Solange fashionable she was functional as well. You go girl!

During her performance, she sang a cover song of Nivea's 2002 hit, 'Laundromat,' which was appropriate for the event.

"'Laundromat'" might actually be, and my best friend can co-sign, one of my top 15 most-played songs," Solange told Fader magazine after the show. "Since it came out, I’ve always wanted to cover it and as soon as I found out that this was going down in a laundromat, it just had to be done. I wish we would’ve had more time to rehearse it, because being R. Kelly and Nivea at the same damn time is just not possible. So I was trying my best."

Of course, Solange couldn't finish her show without performing her breakthrough song, 'Losing You.'

The 27-year-old singer certainly worked up a lather as she sashayed back and forth onstage between washing machines and circular dryers performing her break-up ballad.

You could say that Solange cleaned up nicely at her Brooklyn concert. Bravo!

Rob Kim, Getty Images
Rob Kim, Getty Images
Rob Kim, Getty Images

Watch Solange Perform Nivea's 'Laundromat' at Fader's #uncapped Series

Watch Solange Perform 'Losing You' at Fader's #uncapped Series