Best Michael Jackson Covers
Today would have been Michael Jackson's 55th birthday if he were alive. Sadly, the late singer died in June 2009, after suffering from cardiac arrest due to an injection of drugs administered by his now jailed physician Conrad Murray. Though his death was untimely, his talents still live on in …
Single Artwork
Prince uses one of Dave Chappelle’s most memorable scenes from the lauded Comedy Central effort, 'Chappelle's Show,' for his new single’s artwork.
Gone Country
Prince is known for his unique cover songs. His reworking of Radiohead's 'Creep' at the 2008 Coachella Music Festival is legendary. Recently, a 16-year-old cover by the Purple One surfaced on the Internet.
Cover Guy
R&B icon Prince looks very kingly on the cover of V magazine's August 2013 issue. The reclusive artist rarely gives interviews, but when he does, it's always an eye opener.
Prince Collabo
Janelle Monáe's upcoming sophomore album, 'The Electric Lady,' will include some big-name features from the likes of Prince and Miguel.
'Let's Go Crazy'
Prince showed why he's one of the best in music during his performance of 'Let's Go Crazy' at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards last night.
'Lovesexy' Turns 25
On May 10, 1988, Prince won a personal battle between good and evil with the release of his 10th album, 'Lovesexy.' Unfortunately, he lost much of the record-buying public in the process.
'For You' Turns 35
On April 7, 1978, Prince released his first record, 'For You.' The boldly prophetic lyrics of the opening a cappella title track made it quite clear that this 19-year-old "one-man band" sensation planned to stick around for a long time:
"All of this and more is fo…
Prince – Must-See Artists at SXSW
Prince is making surprise appearances all over this year. The legendary performer will make his way to SXSW and R&B and pop fans are sure to want to be present for this rare moment.
The show he'll be at is being sponsored by Samsung Galaxy and the tickets aren’t…

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