Top 10 Prince Songs
Prince is one of the last iconic artists left in the game. And even though his popularity peaked 30 years ago, he still possesses the same cool star factor. Whether it's the fact he lays low except for the occasional show here and there, a vegetarian diet that keeps him looking fairly the same after…
New Song
Prince will have an-all star lineup paying tribute to his musical legacy at the Carnegie Hall in New York City on March 7.
Prince Returns
Only days after Billboard magazine revealed its new issue featuring Prince and the emergence of new music via the Twitter page @3rdeyegirl, the singer releases a new song, 'Screw Driver,' on his revamped website.
Cover Story
Prince is back! Well, almost. The legendary singer has been steadily crawling back to the spotlight with reports of new music, a new website and now he will also be the first artist to grace the revamped design of Billboard magazine.
Prince Returns
A new Prince song has surfaced via links posted on an unofficial Twitter page named @3rdEyeGirl. 'Same Page Different Book' appears to be a track that has never been heard before.