Prince showed why he's one of the best in music during his performance of 'Let's Go Crazy' at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards last night.

Of course with everything the singer does, he makes it a full-on spectacle. The lyrics to the song popped up on a screen behind him.

And backed by three lady musicians, he carried out parts of his 1984 hit with guitar licks, hyping up the crowd along the way.

His band was just as skillful on the strings and Prince let them show off in front of the stage for a few notes during his performance.

Dressed in a green body suit and sheeny 'fro, the lauded singer led a funky jam session that was the only way to end a night full of high-energy performances at one of the biggest nights for the music industry.

Watch Prince Sing 'Let's Go Crazy' at 2013 Billboard Music Awards

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