R&B icon Prince looks very kingly on the cover of V magazine's August 2013 issue. The reclusive artist rarely gives interviews, but when he does, it's always an eye opener.

In his chat with writer Vanessa Grigoriadis, Prince reveals that he doesn't own a cell phone.

"Are you serious? Hell, no," he tells the interviewer. He then playfully mimics a high-voiced woman, saying, "Where is my phone? Can you call my phone? Oh, I can't find it."

Which explains why Prince demands that people don't record his concerts with their smartphones or else they will be escorted out.

When his fans do oblige his request, Prince is very appreciative and tells them, "Thank each and every one of you for leaving your cell phones in your pocket.  I can't see your face when you've got technology in front of it."

Techno-phobia aside, Prince keeps his private life very private. When he's not on the road, he's recording music in his $10 million compound in Minneapolis.

His Purpleness, prefers to live "in the now," which, for him, is relatively in silence.

“I have to be quiet to make what I make, do what I do," he explains. "Another thing that’s different about this organization is that time here is slowed down, because we don’t take information from the outside world. We don’t know what day it is and we don’t care. There is no clock.”

In the meantime, he's focusing on his all-female band, 3rd Eye Girl, who performs with him on the road.

"I'm trying to get these women's careers started, because they're all so talented.  It's not even about me anymore," he says.

As for his concerts, Prince compares them to religious experiences for his fans. He maintains that artists today don't give their audiences the kind of music they need to uplift their spirits.

"This music changes you," Prince states. "These people are not being satisfied elsewhere by musicians, you feel what I’m saying? It’s no disrespect to anyone else, because we’re not checking for them. But we don’t lip synch. We ain’t got time for it. Ain’t no tape up there.”

V magazine's August issue, featuring Prince on the cover, is available on newsstands now.

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