DMX can't stay out of trouble with the law. The 'Slippin'' rapper, who recently filed for bankruptcy, was arrested again in South Carolina on Tuesday (Aug. 20). Video of the situation has ended up online, with the rhymer getting loud about it.

TMZ reports that X smelled of alcohol and was in possession of weed when the cops arrested him. He was a passenger in an F350 truck that caught the attention of authorities when it made an illegal change of lanes. Cops found a bag of the green stuff on the armrest of the passenger door.

A search of the vehicle uncovered three more bags of pot under the floorboard on the driver's side. Therefore, the driver also received a citation for possessing weed.

Apparently, one of the astute officers recognized the rapper and knew that there was already an active warrant out for his arrest from when he was caught driving without a license.

X did not go gently, either. The report indicates that he became "aggressive" and made "multiple idle threats."

The video, filmed by X's lady friend, finds him to be extremely vocal and increasingly agitated, barking out comments, saying that the incident is no normal traffic stop and argues that the turn the driver made was actually legal, which suggests that he thinks they should not have been pulled over. He is clearly not a happy man and even stated that he was sweating.

It's also reported that the rapper suffered an asthma attack during the arrest and paramedics were called to treat him. He is said to be fine after receiving care. A reference to paramedics is also made in the video.

Ultimately, X ended up being cited for weed and was taken to jail due to the outstanding warrant. He is expected to be sentenced to 15 days in jail.

What a hot mess.

Watch Video of DMX's Arrest

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