Rapper DMX appeared on the 'Dr. Phil' show Wednesday (Sep. 25) to tell his side of the story about his troubled past. It's a fascinating interview, as the Ruff Ryders rapper talks about his run-ins with the law, drug problems and financial woes.

During the 41-minute discussion, we learn a lot about Earl Simmons. So we figured we'd share some of the MC's most interesting tidbits in 10 Things We Learned From DMX's 'Dr. Phil' Interview.

Check out the eye-raising revelations below.

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    DMX is a serial procreator.

    DMX admits that he's the father of 11 children with one on the way. Yes, that's 12 kids altogether. "I do have a relationship with my children, and I love my children," he says. While we understand that DMX likes to spread his seed around, he should be using birth control Oh, and he's also $1.23 million behind in child support. Sheesh!

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    X has reconciled with his estranged mother.

    This was one of the many positive moments on the show. DMX requested that he and his producers not talk with his mother or ex-wife for this interview. The reason being is that the rapper has recently reconciled with his mother after years of being estranged. Thankfully, they are now cordial with each other. "Regardless of how rough our past was, we are in a good place now and I don't want anything to interfere with that," he shares.

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    He addresses the infamous streaking incident.

    DMX was acting a fool when he ran through a hotel hallway naked and it was captured on video. The rapper describes the incident as harmless fun. "It was a bet, it was a dare," he says. "The dare was order room service, and run through the hallway naked. I'm like, 'I'll do that.'"

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    The MC admits that he's an addict.

    The 'Party Up' rapper claims that he's been drug-free for about a year, which is hard to believe. However, X admits that he does smoke weed because it sparks his creativity and controls his mood swings. "I'm always gonna be an addict," he states. I'm gonna be addict until I die." At least he's honest with himself.

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    He's been arrested 25 times.

    Shockingly, DMX has been arrested only 25 times during his music career. How do we know? Well, Dr. Phil posted a colorful timeline of the rapper's arrests, convictions and acquittals from 1995 through 2013. That must have taken hours to create. Good work, Dr. Phil!

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    DMX is a very spiritual person.

    Despite his troubled life, the rhymer's personal relationship with God seems to be intact. Throughout the interview, X quotes scriptures and recites lyrics from his gospel-infused songs.

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    The rhymer knows when to let it go and tells Dr. Phil to do the same.

    Dr. Phil posted a mugshot of DMX looking disheveled with a receding hairline. Quite simply, the rapper was in need of a haircut and shave. "I got a messed up hairline, if that's a crime then I'm going to jail now," he jokes. X even suggested Dr. Phil cut off the remaining hair that's on his shiny head. "Just let go, get rid of it. Bald head," he says.

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    Producer Dame Grease is DMX's only true friend.

    Let's keep it real. DMX doesn't have any friends. The only true friend that he has in his corner is Dame Grease. The producer and collaborator has been friends with the rapper for 20 years and is concerned about his well-being. "X is in a point in his life where change has to happen now... right now," Dame states. We couldn't agree more.

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    The entertainer called the cops on himself.

    In a funny moment during the show, DMX tells the story of how he impersonated a federal agent and ended up getting himself arrested. According to X, while he was driving his SUV, which was equipped with police sirens and flashing lights, a driver cut him off and he pulled him over at the airport. When X told a parking attendant to call the police, they arrived and put the handcuffs on him. Talk about a dog day afternoon.

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    DMX has no regrets.

    Despite being in debt, his personal life in shambles and legal cases piling up, DMX has no regrets and wouldn't change anything that has happened to him. "I wouldn’t redo anything," he admits. "It got me right here, where I’m at right now.  I’m in a good place, no regrets."

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