DMX is going through it right now. But prior to his arrest earlier this week, the embattled rhymer experienced something we can all appreciate -- he met his rap idol Rakim for the very first time. And it was all caught on video.

In the clip, filmed by Street Heat Films, the “Party Up” rapper was in his backstage dressing room preparing for his show when the R walks in. DMX’s reaction seeing his rap idol in the flesh is priceless.

It’s unclear when the video was taped but had to before DMX was arrested at his home in upstate New York for unpaid child support. Nevertheless, X is overjoyed and continuously hugs the legend.

"I don't f--- with too many people around here," he tells Rakim. "But that n---- son."

The two rappers took photos together for posterity and they continue to shower each other with praise and respect. When DMX was asked what Rakim means to him in hip-hop, he revealed that he would also choose Rakim when the conversation came up about who is the best rapper.

“Growing up, it was always a conflict on who was the best rapper between Big Daddy Kane and Rakim,” X recalls. “I always went with Rakim. Always. Brother was serious. He didn’t compromise his lyrics. Went hard and didn’t even curse. That’s the s--- that ‘Wow, he’s spitting some gangsta s--- and didn’t even curse."

After much prodding, DMX decided to spit several lines from Eric B & Rakim's classic song, "Microphone Fiend." Rakim looked on impressed by X's performance and gave him a big hug afterward.

Rakim, himself, also respected DMX for being ferocious on the mic and bringing energy to the stage.

"When he came through, his s--- was so f---ing raw I was like ‘Thank you, man. Finally.’ It was like New York was standing up again," he said. "And D, he spoke his s--- from day one. You could tell he was walking the s--- he was talking. That’s why I love him. The energy that this dude puts out, I wish I could have a little bottle of that s---.”

Watch the lovefest between DMX and Rakim above. It's truly one of the those hip-hop moments where the legend meets his prodigy.

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