DMX – Shirtless Rappers
DMX is known for being sweaty and shirtless when rocking the mic (see 'Get at Me Dog' video). But the New York rapper took shirtless-ness to another level when he appeared on the cover of his second album, 'Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood...
Anger Issues
DMX apparently hasn't changed his ways. During the season opener of 'Iyanla: Fix My Life,' host Iyanla Vanzant attempts to heal the troubled rapper.
Rap Arrest
Trouble seems to follow DMX every where he goes. Since 1999, he's had some legal issue or another. This year is no different.
DMX – Rappers Spending Valentine’s Day Alone
Like many rappers, DMX married his high school sweetheart, but the industry (and groupies galore) destroyed what he had.
X's ex-wife Tashera went on the record last year to explain that she was divorcing the dog after years together. "X has a lot of issues," she said to Essence…
DMX in Def Jam Vendetta
A typical fighting game usually contains one or two roided-out characters who would probably give their own mothers a beatdown if provoked; Yonkers rap legend DMX proudly takes on that role in Def Jam Vendetta, a pro wrestling-style game that replaces your typical Hulk Hogan types with rap's fi…