Chief Keef

Happy Birthday, Chief Keef!
Despite the controversy and criticism, Chief Keef has somehow managed to still remain one of hip-hop's more relevant acts. People still like the "I Don't Like" rapper who turns 20 years old today (Aug. 15).
New Video
The always controversial Chief Keef is back with another video, this time for his single, ‘Love No Thotties.’ Fresh off of having a warrant out for his arrest as a result of failing to pay child support, the Chicago artist expresses his lack of trust for the ladies as he drives…
Chief Keef Sued
Uh oh! Here's something that Chief Keef might not like. The Chicago rapper is being sued by his landlord for owing back rent.
Mixtape Review
Between the jail visits and other predicaments Chief Keef has found himself in, he still manages to put together a new mixtape, 'Bang Pt. 2,' which features Tray Savage and Tadoe.
Major Money Owed
Rapper Chief Keef has to dig deep into his pockets and pay a hefty fine for ignoring a lawsuit. The Chicago artist was ordered by a judge to pay $230,000 to a concert promoter for not showing up to perform.
'Round Da Rosey'
Chief Keef is back with a new music video for his track 'Round Da Rosey,' a rap-style version of the children's nursery rhyme 'Ring Around the Rosie.'
Arrested Again
Rapper Chief Keef can't win. The 17-year-old was arrested today, just minutes he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of speeding at 110 mph on Chicago's Edens Expressway last month.

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