Between the jail visits and other predicaments Chief Keef has found himself in, he still manages to put together a new mixtape, 'Bang Pt. 2,' which features Tray Savage and Tadoe.

Right off the bat, the mixtape fails to impress, as songs like 'Morgan Tracy' and 'All Time' don't seem to have a musical direction. And on many tracks, Keef does more singing than rapping. Even worse than that, the majority of the singing is so off key the Auto-Tune doesn't help.

Throughout the songs featured, there are no real separation of instruments and all of the sounds fall on top of each other in a clumsy way. A perfect example of this is on songs like 'Cause I'm Getting Money,' where Keef finds a boring flow pattern and sticks with it for the entire song.

And on the cut 'Aint Done Turnin Up,' Keef struggles to find any type of groove within the background music, and in a very sloppy way sings the same few words over and over.

There are a few good moments on 'Bang Pt. 2' but not a lot. In fact, the mixtape doesn't pick up until track No. 8, 'Chiefin Keef,' featuring Tadoe and Tray Savage. It's one of the few cuts that Keef actually raps on. Plus, the nice off-key bell sound gives the song a lot of movement.

Another song that stands out is 'What I Wanna Do,' where Keef is able to spit convincing lifestyle rhymes over sped-up drum snares. But that's pretty much where the good parts end, because simply put, 'Bang Pt. 2' misses on a sonic level.

There aren't any times on the mixtape where Keef tries to convince the listener that he's been working on his craft. It's like he staggered into the booth and sung the first melody that popped into his head. In other words, the whole project sounds like it was made in a lazy fashion.

This is sad because after the first 'Bang' mixtape, many fans have been eager to see what Keef would cook up. And following a huge feature on Kanye West's 'Yeezus' album, he put himself in a nice position to fully break into the mainstream.

But musically he failed to do that on this mixtape, and if he doesn't start to choose better beats and start to hone his technique, he won't be in the game for long.

Undoubtedly, Keef will have to decide if he wants to be famous for making good music or famous for getting in trouble with the law.



Listen to Chief Keef's 'Bang Pt. 2 ' Mixtape

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