The always controversial Chief Keef is back with another video, this time for his single, ‘Love No Thotties.’ Fresh off of having a warrant out for his arrest as a result of failing to pay child support, the Chicago artist expresses his lack of trust for the ladies as he drives around town while talking to one "lucky" woman.

He attempts to have a brief Drake moment in the video, as he questions his girl over the phone while she's intoxicated -- she wants to know when he’s going to visit her.

Keef uses his charm to get the girl to come out to a parking lot to talk, and he even gets a little soft, (well, as soft as you're going to hear him get) in the track. “Baby, 'cause I like you / Only reason I text you, and why I Skype you / I just wanna f--- on you / I don't wanna wife you / But you gotta brush your teeth and do what I say do,” he raps.

"Thotties" refers to the acronym for "THOT," which stands for "That ho over there."

'Love No Thotties' will appear on his upcoming mixtape, 'Almighty So.'

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