Chief Keef is back with a new music video for his track 'Round Da Rosey,' a rap-style version of the children's nursery rhyme 'Ring Around the Rosie.'

In the two-minute video, shot in front of Keef's crib with a gang of homies, the dreaded Chicago rapper takes us into his lavish world of cars, money, jewelry and white girls while he smokes what looks like a fat blunt.

"They shinin', these diamonds / They cost more than your house / Kobe, Kobe, I'm ballin' like I'm Kobe / I took my team with me / Now all of us ballin' out," he raps in a tone that is hard to comprehend at times.

Overall, the video looks like an episode of MTV's 'Cribs,' as he delivers his verses while standing beside several luxury cars.

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