Rapper Chief Keef can't win. The 17-year-old was arrested today, just minutes he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of speeding at 110 mph on Chicago's Edens Expressway last month.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Keef was arrested by Chicago police officers and charged with a misdemeanor tresspassing charge. The charge stems from a complaint made by a security guard from the Parkway Gardens housing complex on May 16 -- Keef was asked to leave the premises and he refused.

Earlier in the day at his hearing for the speeding charge, the 'I Don't Like' rhymer was scolded by the judge, who told him not to drive. He was given a break on his sentencing; Keef could have been serving a year in prison for charges and fined $2,500, but the judge fined him only $531. He's also on probation for 18 months supplemented with 60 hours of community service and random drug testing.

"You think you're invincible, and you're certainly not," said Cook County Circuit Court Judge Earl Hoffenberg. "Violate (conditions of the plea agreement) and you'll find out you're not. … I sure hope I don't see you again, because if I do you better be ready to go to jail."

Let's hope Keef's latest arrest sinks in so that he'll realize he can't enjoy his success if he's always behind bars.

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