Soulja Boy's fans deserve an award for honesty. The rapper posted a picture of codeine and bags of kush on his Instagram page on Thursday, according to TMZ. Fans began criticizing him for being irresponsible with his health, especially after Lil Wayne's rumored overdose on codeine and visit to the ICU last week. "make that work, work. make the s--- flip," Soulja Boy wrote on Instragram.

Some reprimanding comments the fans made include, "You think you will survive, grow up playa and start being a role model stop throwing your life away to drugs," and "This idiot.... Doesn't even know what stupid is anymore."

But some of Soulja Boy's fans did try to defend him. "Just cos it can kill you doesn't mean it will.. soulja's brother died in a car crash you think soulja never drove a car again? let him do what he wants to do & worry about your own problems my guys. no flex just real talk," one commentator wrote.

At 22, Soulja Boy may have time to get it together, but Lil Wayne is proof that at 30, things can start going downhill if you're not careful.

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