In today's world, technology has proven that our lives aren't as private as we think. So when Soulja Boy got into a bit of a car accident with a motorcyclist in Los Angeles earlier this year, it's safe to say there had to be some surveillance of the scene.

According to TMZ, the LAPD has access to a high-tech database containing photos from thousands of cameras stationed throughout Los Angeles.

When the friend of the injured motorcyclist went to the police to inform them that Soulja Boy was allegedly the person who hit his pal, the cops went straight to their database and found the evidence.

After putting Soulja Boy's license plate number through the system, they found a bunch of photos corresponding with the accident.

Despite the fact that his Bentley looks damage-free, sources informed TMZ that the rapper secretly got his car repaired to hide any evidence. Once he was found, the car was impounded. However the case is still under investigation.