Soulja Boy is on a mission to find the hackers who got into his YouTube account and deleted all of his videos on Monday (March 18).

Not only did the online criminals wipe out his music videos but they managed to get into his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts as well. The 'DeAndre Way' creator is pretty mad about it. He took to Twitter subsequently, asking for help in finding employees of the social networks -- possibly to see if they could heighten the security on his accounts.

He wrote, "If any of my followers know anyone from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube/Google let me know because all of my accounts are hacked. Thanks."

The videos have since been re-uploaded to YouTube, but the rapper is understandably peeved about his current situation on the internet. Nonetheless, it seems like his online problems are serving as motivation as he prepares to release his fourth solo LP, 'Promise,' later this year.

"This is only going to make me go harder, they deleted all my YouTube videos that's some real hater s**t right there," he tweeted.

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