Rappers Wiz Khalifa and Soulja Boy dropped freestyles over Drake's new hit, 'Started From the Bottom.' The song features some interesting rhymes from the two chart-topping emcees.

Wiz was the first to release his freestyle on Saturday (Feb. 2). On his version, he opted to keep Drizzy's verses and added his weeded-out rhymes at the end. Interestingly, the Pittsburgh rapper suggests that he and Drake should hit the road together. "I hope the homie Drake don't get pissed / But n----s never ever put your man on a song like this / And I probably said no to it before / But I made $20 million so we should probably go on tour," he raps.

"I know that song just came out lol but I think it speaks to all of us, so I put my verse on it before everyone else does:-)," Wiz tweeted to his Taylors.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy jumped on the song, swapping Drake's raps with his own, boasting about how much money he's stacking. "Soulja Boy stay up on his grind / Hustlin' everyday, man, I do this all the time," he spits. On the chorus, he sings, 'Y'all ain't gettin' money / Y'all ain't gettin' stacks / F--- a 100K, where ya millions at."

Drake's come-up song will certainly inspire other rappers to spit bars on it. We expect there will be more 'Started From the Bottom' remixes popping up real soon.

Listen to Wiz Khalifa's 'Started From the Bottom' Freestyle

Listen to Soulja Boy's 'Started From the Bottom' Freestyle