The Robert Glasper Experience released the Jill Scott-assisted 'Calls' midway in the summer. The song had a very soulful approach, but the quartet decided to switch things up for 'I Stand Alone,' the next cut off the upcoming LP, 'Black Radio 2.'

'I Stand Alone' features Patrick Stump and Common, two of the many well-known features slated to appear on 'Black Radio 2.'

The new song strips away the soothing atmospherics of its predecessor for a song that feels more anthemic. 'I Stand Alone' centers around Robert Glasper's floating, elegant keys. Although the tone switched up, the ear-pleasing sensibilities are still present like they have been on most of the Robert Glasper Experiment's work.

Common eases into the beat for clear, concise verses about self-reflection and empowerment. "Standing up like Rich Pryor we get fire," Common raps. "And inspired by the prospect to get higher."

'Black Radio 2' is expected to drop Oct. 23.

Listen to Robert Glasper Experiment's 'I Stand Alone' Feat. Common & Patrick Stump

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