One of last year's more pleasant surprises was the Robert Glasper Experiment's 'Black Radio.' It was more than just an album of mostly well-done covers; each song had a tinge of the creativity and originality that ultimately pushed the album to a Grammy award for Best R&B Album. Who'd have thought 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' would sound so good as a melancholy jazzy cut?

This underlying sense of creativity is a reason why it's easy to be excited for 'Black Radio 2' -- which mostly consists of original songs. 'Calls,' featuring neo soul queen Jill Scott, is the first listen from the project.

The track is part soulful, part groovy and a little bouncy as the quartet's lush instrumentals embrace Scott's powerful singing. At the center of it all are lyrics about a lover who always seems to be reliable. The Robert Glasper Experiment are proving to be reliable artists as well, so it all sort of comes full circle.

'Black Radio 2' is set to come out Oct. 29.

Listen to Robert Glasper Experiment’s ‘Calls' Feat. Jill Scott

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