Happy birthday, President Obama! What better to celebrate Barack Obama's born day (Aug. 4, 1961) than to honor him with a top 10 list of rap songs that mention his name.

Most rappers have been inspired by our 44th president. However, there are a few outspoken emcees who have expressed their condemnation of him.

For his part, President Obama has been supportive of the hip-hop community. He's even admitted that he listens to Jay Z and Lil Wayne on his portable music player.

"I love the art of hip-hop; I don't always love the message of hip-hop," he said in a 2009 interview. "The thing about hip-hop today is, it’s smart, it’s insightful, and the way they can communicate a complex message in a very short space, is remarkable."

We couldn't agree more.

So in celebration of President Obama's 52nd birthday, TheDrop.fm presents 10 Rap Songs That Mention President Obama's Name.

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    'The People'


    Kicking off the countdown is Common's soulful anthem, 'The People.' The Chicago rhymer has been a supporter of President Obama since his initial run for the presidency in 2008. On the Kanye West-produced track, Common hopes that his words bring courage and hope just like President Obama. "From Englewood to a single hood in Botswana / I see the 'I' in 'We' my n----, yours is my drama / Standing in front of the judge with no honor / My raps ignite the people like Obama," he spits. Yes, indeed.

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    'Letter to Obama'

    Joell Ortiz

    Slaughterhouse rapper Joell Ortiz issued his "open letter" to President Obama to express his grievances of the problems he experienced in the 'hood. From his drug-addicted mother to a young man's life cut short by a bullet, Ortiz is looking for a "change" in his Brooklyn neighborhood. He hopes that Obama can provide that. "Here's a couple wise words from the dude that go 'Yaowa' / It's time for a change and that change is Obama," he raps.

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    What if we lived in a world where everyone was so easily persuaded by what they read on the Internet? That's what Wale questions on 'Gullible,' from his latest album, 'The Gifted.' In one verse, the DMV rapper suggests that some people are so gullible that they will even believe that President Obama isn't really African-American. "What if they said Obama wasn't a [red bone] / He actually got a good a-- tan and the swag to appear black / Would you believe that? Impeach that?" he raps. In the end, Wale encourages people not to believe everything they read on the Internet.

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    'Power Paper P----' (Freestyle)


    During his appearance on DJ Green Lantern's Invasion Radio program, Nas spits a crazy freestyle over Billy Squier's 'The Big Beat' and Herb Alpert's 'Rise.' In one line, Nas hopes that our youth look up to Obama as an inspiration of hope. "Obama, if the kids mirror you / We’ll all push Masaratis with the silver hue," he raps.

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    'I Run'

    Slim Thug

    When President Obama was first inaugurated in January 2009, he entered into the worst recession in America since the Great Depression. Slim Thug saw people were struggling in Houston and was eager to give them help. On the Flock of Seagulls-sampled 'I Run,' the Lone Star rhymer announced that he's writing an e-book called 'How to Survive in a Recession.' He tells Obama to holler at him if he needs an economic adviser in his cabinet. "Mr. Obama, we so tired of sellin' crack / If you lookin' for me, ask the streets where I'm at," he spits.

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    '2getha Baby'

    Ghostface Killah

    Coming in at No. 5 is Ghostface Killah's soul-sampled love ballad, '2getha Baby.' On the track, the Wu-Tang rhymer is on the prowl for a fly honey he can take home. You know the type, someone who is curvy and statuesque like First Lady Michelle Obama. "She looked like she get it from her momma / That's right Michelle, I'm Obama," he raps. Ghostface is a smooth Romeo.

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    Kanye West

    Much like President Obama, Kanye West has been a polarizing figure in pop culture. On 'Power,' Yeezy vows to challenge the status quo and even compares himself to Obama. "They say I was the abomination of Obama’s nation / Well that’s a pretty bad way to start the conversation / At the end of the day, goddamn it I’m killing this s--- / I know damn well y'all feeling this s---," he boasts.

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    'Words I Never Said'

    Lupe Fiasco Feat. Skylar Grey

    Lupe Fiasco has been very vocal of his displeasure with President Obama. On 'Words I Never Said,' the Chicago emcee implies that our president could be a murderer. "Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn’t say s--- / That's why I ain't vote for him, next one either / I’m a part of the problem / My problem is I’m peaceful / And I believe in the people," he rhymes.

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    'My President'

    Young Jeezy Feat. Nas

    Young Jeezy's 'My President' has become the de facto anthem for President Obama. In fact, Bam-Bam gave the Snowman a shout-out at his White House Correspondents Association Dinner. On the trumpet-driven tune, Jeezy salutes Obama for bringing some color to the White House. "Obama for mankind / We ready for a damn change so y'all let the man shine," he raps. Nas also gives props to President Obama, rapping, "Yo Obama for real / They gotta put your face on the five thousand dollar bill."

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    'Open Letter'

    Jay Z

    Finally, at No. 1, it's Jay Z's incendiary track 'Open Letter.' It's no secret that Hov has been supportive of President Obama from day one. So on the Swizz Beatz-produced banger, Jay takes aim at critics who questioned his controversial trip to Cuba with his wife Beyonce. In one line, Jay implies that Obama reprimanded him directly for touring Havana. "Obama said 'Chill you’re going to get me impeached' / You don’t need this s--- anyway, chill with me on the beach," he raps. In response to that song, the White House stated that Jay Z's verse was pure fiction.

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