Nelly brought out a surprise guest during his concert at Roverfest 2013 in Cleveland on Saturday (July 27). Kidnap victim Amanda Berry, one of the three women held captive for a decade in a Cleveland home, made her first public appearance at the event.

According to a report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Nelly introduced Berry onstage during his set. The 27-year-old hometown survivor didn't say anything but was clearly happy to be onstage with the St. Louis rhymer.

"She waved to the crowd, everyone went crazy cheering, and she went backstage," concertgoer Kayleigh Fladung told the newspaper. "Nelly did his set, four or five songs, and then he brought her out again and everyone cheered."

Video of the concert features Nelly saluting Berry for her courage and spirit.

"I want to make sure we get a chance to thank you...because I can't even imagine the type of strength and the type of courage that it took to keep it going," he said. "So for that, again, I commend you...and for that, I want you to stay here."

Nelly then performed his chart-topping hit 'Just a Dream' with Berry and a friend dancing along.

"It was cool to see but still very surprising," said Fladung of the whole spectacle.

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