After a week off from the madness of 'Love & Hip Hop,' it returned last night with new drama.

First, Rich and Erica are still trying to push her so-called singing career. He promises to find money to invest in visuals for her single that's supposed to be the next hottest thing. He asks his frat brother, Keenan for a $15,000 for the music video. He's not buying it though.

When Erica later does a follow-up about the status of the money flow for the video, she is upset that Rich hasn't acquired it. "Cheap muthaf---er," she calls him. Woah Erica, maybe you're not worth the money. But in her mind how could she not be.

Rapper Lore'l makes an appearance again. She meets with Winter, who says her manager, Power 105.1 radio personality Angela Yee, doesnt have Lore'ls best interest in mind. "At the end of the day you have a goal. You need to worry about what you got going on, because no one else going to worry about that," Winter tells Lore'l.

Lore'l later meets with Angela, who tells her straight up that it's going take time for her to get put on. "I know a lot of artists that work hard," Angela explains to her and lets the rapper know she is no different than the next.

Meanwhile, Kaylin finds out that Joe Budden might be doing the remix to Tahiry's 'Devil' song. "She doesn't deserve that extra you," she tells Joe. She's not comfortable with him doing the track with Tahiry. "I trust Joe 100 percent, but I don't know Tahiry to trust her."

Later on in the show, Joe invites Tahiry backstage at his concert and things get ugly. Tahiry finds out the remix they had planned is dead because of Kaylin. She gets upset and throws shots at her. "If you were handling your business he wouldn't have to call me on the side," Tahiry says to Kay. A fight almost erupts and Tahiry eventually leaves. Joe then puts the blame on Tahiry to save face for Kaylin. "She looks stupid," Joe says.

After the heated debate between Jen and Raqi, Jen finally tells Consequence about it. He has lady's back and won't tolerate Raqi coming out her face. "Jen is my sweetheart and I hate to see her disrespected, so I went in the studio and did what the bounty hunter does," Cons says.

The rapper made a diss record on Jen's behalf, which pleased her. Later on, Cons meets with Raqi at the studio and goes in on her about her manipulative mouth. 'I aint tryna f--- you," he yells at her. "You have all this ego with no merit." Case closed for Raqi.

The show ends with Mandeecees fighting Yandy's cousin, Maurice, her personal trainer. Maurice isn't charging her as long as he can market her as his client on Instagram. This means taking pictures of her. But Maurice took a close-up shot of Yandy's backside, and that pissed Mandee off. So much that he immediately got in his car and drove down to the gym to confront Maurice.

He tried to talk it out and be the nice guy, asking Maurice to take the photo down. But when Maurice was reluctant, Mandeecees started throwing his fists up for his lady. "I gotta call Yandy," Maurice says after the fight. Whose side will Yandy take? We shall see,

Untill next time.

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