On Season 3, Episode 3 of 'Love & Hip Hop,' Lore'l and Erica cut ties with each other. Last week, Erica tried to fight the rapper and as a result, Lore'l is done with her. No more collaborations here.

Consequence brings more of his religion into the show this episode. He and Jen say they are raising his son as a Muslim but there's some conflict here because Jen was raised as a Protestant Christian. But Cons wants Jen all in. Later on in the show, Cons is struggling with his fasting during Ramadan and wants Jen to stop cooking around him until it's all over. But she wines and wines about feeling hungry. At the end of the convo, it seems Cons gets his way. This girl needs a bigger backbone.

Mandeeces is still trying to convince Yandy that they should find their own place together now that they have a family. But Yandy likes having her mother around and that's that. Mandee even throws the word marriage around, but it's clear Yandy doesn't quite trust him yet because she caught him "liking" booty shots on Instagram.

Raqi and Joe finally cut things off, and Raqi doesn't hesitate to tell him he's "f---ed up" before walking away from him. Joe, of course, adds his crazy talk, asking Raqi if she's in love with him. It's clear that Joe is obsessed with being wanted.

Tahiry and Joe's mom, Fay meet up and speak about Joe's drug use. They end up at Joe's house where Tahiry and Joe reconcile -- for now. Let's hope they keep up with church and those rehab meetings, because Joe clearly needs the help, with his eyes looking glassy and all.

Of course Erica continues to get herself into drama. Now it's with Olivia. Olivia knows Erica is basically talentless and doesn't want to collaborate with her as Rich planned. He even tried to scheme Olivia into a studio session with Cons so they can "make money" and Olivia wasn't feeling it. Later on, when Erica finds out, she's tight. Oh and Erica also finally admits to being a looney tune or a "meatball" as Olivia calls her. "I am crazy but I'm good crazy," says Erica. O...K.

Erica confronts Olivia at Yandy 's event for her blog Everything Girls Love, to argue about the record and also a previous confrontation at a fashion week red carpet. Yandy isn't having the drama at her event, and decides to tell Erica to leave. Once again, Erica is the star of the drama of this show and clearly running out of desperate ways of staying on television.

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