There's more trouble for Lil' Kim. The rap vixen is being sued for by her former business manager, who slapped her with a lawsuit that is actually a response to the suit she filed first.

Andrew Ro claims that his company International Rock Stars Corp. signed a licensing deal with the diva back in August 2012. They planned to market several products related to her brand, which are typical of celebs and pop acts, such as a perfume, a clothing line, a vodka beverage, an energy drink, a shoe line with Steve Madden and, perhaps most surprisingly, a honey maker.

However, things didn't quite go according to plan and the relationship quickly soured, as Ro said that Kim was a nightmare to deal with and would not cooperate or do her part. She refused to participate in meetings related to planning the projects unless she was paid extra for attending. That attitude and request pretty much sank plans to launch the range of products.

Even worse, when they launched a perfume, Kim didn't do her part to promote the fragrance, which is as essential as the notes in the scent itself. The celebrity scent market is overcrowded and it's necessary for the backing celeb to spotlight it and make the promo rounds in support of it.

Ro also says that the rapper went MIA and stopped taking their calls. She did, however, fire the first legal shot by sending a cease and desist letter barring future projects and filed a lawsuit, claiming the company tricked her into a bad deal.

This suit is Ro's response to Kim's. He says that her behavior and refusal to play nice and do her part cost his firm a whopping $15 million. Sounds like a "he said, she said" sitch that a judge is going to have fun sorting out.

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