Lil’ Kim has no time for fake ones, especially if it's her former lawyer, Sunny Bakrats and his partner, Andrew Ro, who she claims deceived her into signing over nearly half of her earnings from licensing and branding deals.

According to, the Brooklyn emcee is suing Bakrats for $1 million, after he promised her “multimillion dollar deals for [Kim’s] brands in the cosmetic and perfume business.” The Queen Bee also believes Bakrats and Ro tricked her into signing agreements that would allow them to receive 44 percent of all revenue her corporation generated.

Bakrats calls the suit “another frivolous attempt by Lil’ Kim and her attorneys to get out of what is otherwise a binding agreement.”

Apparently the 38-year-old 'Hard Core' creator realized she was being duped in December of 2012. However, Barkats refuses to legally void the agreements made in the past.

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