In celebration of her 39th birthday today (July 11), Lil' Kim released a new song called 'Looks Like Money.' Much like her 1997 anthem, 'All About the Benjamins,' the Queen Bee is all about her scrilla.

“Here's just a LITTLE gift from ME to U on MY birthday that U guys have been waiting for," Kim tweeted to followers with a link to the song.

According to the Huffington Post, the tune is two years old, and after listening to it, it definitely sounds dated.

On the chaotic-sounding track, Kimmy raps about how cash rules everything around her.

"See me looking like a 100 mill / Like Lewinsky, I'm trying to blow a bill," she raps, adding, "No longer single, I just married Benjamin."

Reactions to the song have been mixed. One fan wrote, "I actually like it has a nice vibe to it," while another listener commented, "I don't even know why I clicked on that new Lil Kim track. Now I have to throw my computer away."

Lil' Kim has been working on her fifth solo album since 2010, and there's still no word on when that project will arrive.

Lately, the Queen Been has been supporting her rap protege Tiffany Foxx. She recently appeared in Foxx's music video for her song 'Jay-Z.'

Happy Birthday, Lil' Kim!

Listen to Lil Kim's Song 'Looks Like Money'

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