Lil' Kim

10: Lil’ Kim – Powerful Women of 2013
Before we knew Lil' Kim as the eccentric and no holds barred lyricist who doesn't care what people think, she was an unknown 19-year-old rapper who joined Notorious B.I.G.'s Junior M.A.F.I.A. in 1994. The group released their only album, 'Conspiracy,' which did well on the c…
'Looks Like Money'
In celebration of her 39th birthday today (July 11), Lil' Kim released a new song called 'Looks Like Money.' Much like her 1997 anthem, 'All About the Benjamins,' the Queen Bee is all about her scrilla.
Summer Jam
Hot 97's Summer Jam is known for surprise guests and impromptu performances. So it wasn't too shocking when the radio station went all out on its 20th anniversary Sunday (June 2), bringing out veterans and newcomers alike alongside scheduled acts.
Lil’ Kim – Shirtless Rappers
Lil' Kim is known for wearing too much makeup and not enough clothes. Who can forget her 1999 MTV VMAs appearance when she showed up with her left breast exposed and covered with a pastie?
Onstage, Kimmy often comes fully clothed, but, occasionally, experiences a wardrobe malfunction...
Lil’ Kim, ‘Hard Core’ – Legendary Albums of the 1990s
Before the days of Nicki Minaj, even before the days of Foxy Brown, there was Lil' Kim. Although Kim's debut album, only dropped a week before Foxy's 'Ill Na Na,' the buzz surrounding 'Hard Core' was deafening in 1996. The Brooklyn native had already created an image for herself with the help of her…
Major Lawsuit
There's more trouble for Lil' Kim. The rap vixen is being sued for by her former business manager, who slapped her with a lawsuit that is actually a response to the suit she filed first.

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