Keyshia Cole taps Ashanti for her emotional single 'Woman to Woman,' which is also the same title of her upcoming new album. The song is sort of an updated version of Brandy and Monica's classic 1998 hit 'The Boy Is Mine." But unlike that song, calmer heads prevail on 'Woman to Woman.'

Key-Key is not confrontational on this soothing ballad, instead she has a heart-to-heart talk with 'Shanti (who plays the other woman) about the man that they are both in love with. "So, I know you know this dude, so I need you to talk to me and just tell me what's going on, you know what I'm saying?" Keyshia asks. "Woman to woman I think it's only fair, I already know. So just let me know what you know."

Ashanti pleads to Keyshia that she had no idea that he was in a relationship. "So I'm tell you where I stand / I gave my heart to this man," she croons. "He never mentioned that he was in a situation / He told me I was his one and only / We have to sit down and figure this out."

In the end, Cole and Ashanti are able to sit down and work it out. "Woman to Woman / I know he ain't right / He looked me in the eyes and lied a thousand times / I can't believe / He did this to me / I gave him my heart so what's it gonna be," the R&B divas sing. It's time to kick him to the curb, ladies!

Keyshia Cole's fifth album, 'Woman to Woman,' arrivea in stores Nov. 19.

Listen to Keyshia Cole's 'Woman to Woman' Feat. Ashanti

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