Sometimes in the game of love there's going to be some losses. In Ashanti's emotionally-wrought video for 'Never Should Have,' the singer shows the unhappy side of relationships.

The clip features three heartbreaking story lines of couples going their separate ways. In one story, a man gets a tattoo of his lady love removed after a breakup. In the next one, two male lovers make the painful decision to separate, although one can't seem to let the other go. In the final sequence, a woman is pregnant by her boyfriend, who is not ready to be a father.

Meanwhile, a teary-eyed Ashanti is caught in the middle of these story lines, emotively singing the heartbreaking lyrics.

The video, directed by Sanji Senak, deals with some heavy subject matter. Hey, not every R&B video has to be lovey-dovey; they can also visualize the challenges that come with falling in love.

Ashanti is set to release her new album 'BraveHeart' on June 11.

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