About seven months after the infamous Super Bowl Twitter feud between Keyshia Cole and Michelle Williams, the tiff will finally be put to rest. Cole apologized to the Destiny's Child member via the interwebs yesterday (Sept. 8).

The spat all started after the overly talked about Destiny's Child reunion during this year's Super Bowl. While people were raving about how amazing it was that Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Williams were coming together to perform again on a major platform, Cole was focused on blasting the latter for her lack of talent.

“I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always f*ckN the groove up,” Cole tweeted during the show.

Even though the fighting words will be on the internet forever, recently Cole tried to make amends with Williams by apologizing.

It's nice to see the two R&B songstresses playing nice again.

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