Kelly Rowland is ready to get her new music to the people and also has some words in regards to fellow artists Beyonce and Lil Wayne, who have been big newsmakers in the last few weeks.

The singer spoke on her forthcoming opus, 'Talk a Good Game,' with DJ Drama Friday (March 29) on Shade 45 radio in Atlanta. According to Rowland, the project will be an ode to the many forms of soul that have influenced her since she was a young girl.

“I just went back to my roots on this specific record," she said. "Every song just reminded me of a great moment in R&B that I felt -- from the first time I cut the radio on when I was here in Atlanta and I heard Pebbles and Babyface and New Edition to the first time my mama played an old ’50s record, which I have from P on there."

The singer also spoke on Lil Wayne's health, as he was hospitalized for seizures last month. Rowland said she's worked in the studio with the rapper overnight before and that working tirelessly is normal for him.

"I’ve seen how passionate he is, and I remember us just being in the studio talking till about five or six in the morning… But he does this all the time. He works so hard and sometimes somebody’s gotta tell you to chill or you gotta tell yourself to chill," she expressed.

Of course, after all the recent controversy surrounding Beyonce's new song 'Bow Down,' Rowland also supported her "sister" and her right to express herself.

“She is an artist. She is allowed to express herself however she wants and I think that there’s nothing wrong with that. I also know, because that is my sister, I have heard everything else on the record," Rowland stated. "I’m just excited for what she has in store for her fans."

The 'Kisses Down Low' creator's new LP, 'Talk a Good Game,' arrives June 4.

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