Last night (Sept 27) on 'The X Factor,' there were a few auditions left before the Top 40 were revealed, including the categories of boys, girls, over 25s and groups. The judges were also selected to mentor one category each.

Glamour, a teen group, had the looks and talent necessary to produce another One Direction pop sensation band, but their song choice -- they sang the American National Anthem -- was very lame. Nevertheless, they received a unanimous "yes" from the judges. "I feel like I'm looking at a baby Destiny's Child right now," Kelly Rowland said to the trio.

Two more noteworthy auditions made it into the Top 40' last night. Victoria Carriger, 41, who sang Kelly Clarkson's 'Because of You,' received rave reviews from the judges, who called her performance "extraordinary." Keith Beukelaer, 29, finally made it into the finals after being dismissed from 'American Idol.'

Kelly will be mentoring the over 25s category, which includes contestants Jeff Brinkman, Victoria Carriger, Allison Davis, Jeff Gutt, James Kenney, Lillie McCloud, Kristine Mirelle, Lorie Moore, Rachel Potter and Denny Smith

Demi Lovato gets the girls category with contestants Rylie Brown, Khaya Cohen, Danielle Geimer, Primrose Martin, Rion Paige, Jamie Pineda, Bree Randall, Ellona Santiago, Simone Torres and Ashly Williams.

It seems that Simon Cowell was, once again, taken to liking the groups, getting Alex and Sierra, Girls United, Glamour, Good News, Roxxy Montana, Wild Thingz, Yellow House Canyon, and three more empty spots for groups that may be formed as the show continues.

Paulina Rubio is in charge of the boys, with Isaiah Alston, Al Calderon, Chase Goehring, Carlos Guevara, Josh Levi, Stone Martin, Carlito Olivero, Tom Olstad, Isaac Tauaefa and Timmy Thames.

The search for America's next star has officially begun.

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