Juvenile, Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti have all been in the rap game for more than a decade, but they haven't forgotten the inner city struggles and the not-so-legal ways used to overcome it. Making the rent is just one of the struggles, and the trio made an anthem for it.

Juvenile matches up with Young Jeezy's "thug motivation" and Yo Gotti's street mentality for 'Pay the Rent.' The hook implies that paying the rent is more than just living fees. It goes, "You love that hood you represent" -- it's about paying your dues while being in the grind also.

The three rappers go on to commemorate the hustle, while touching on all the ugliness that comes with it in lines like, "Last night two teenagers got killed up in Jose's house / Feel like there's no way out / Guess I gotta just stay down / Play ball and sell dope the projects is my playground."

It's all part of the life, though. The hook brings it home once again as they chant, "My n----s bustin' just to pay the rent / Cause bitch it's nothing we need every cent." The trap instrumental adds a sense of urgency to the track.

Listen to Juvenile's 'Pay the Rent' Feat. Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti

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