Rapper Young Jeezy, or now his preferred name Jeezy, is expanding his portfolio with his new gig as the Multicultural Advisor for Tequila Avion. The Atlanta rapper got the job after mentioning the brand in a song.

After hearing Jeezy shout out Avion in one of his songs, Ken Austin, the founder and chairman of Tequila Avion, reached out to the rapper and struck up a friendship with him. Their alliance later grew into a business partnership, which seems like a perfect fit for both executives.

"After spending a great deal of time with Jeezy, I have been inspired by the level of business savvy he has, as well as his consumer insights and raw talent," says Austin. "I know he will be a valuable asset to our company, and I am already learning a great deal from him."

As a Multicultural Advisor, Jeezy will share his knowledge of how to market Tequila Avion to consumers outside of their niche. According to the 36-year-old rhymer, Avion is a brand that he's enjoyed drinking and is excited to lead the company in a new lucrative direction.

"When Ken asked me why I included Avion in my music and social channels, I told him it was purely for the love of the product," he says. "While I will be advising Ken, Ken in turn will advise me with my business ventures and personal brand. It has been a great relationship so far, and I'm looking forward to sipping more Avion with Ken."

Among Jeezy's other branding gigs include being a Brand Ambassador for Gourmet sneakers. The rapper is expected to drop his 2013 sneaker collection in the fall.

We raise a glass to Jeezy on his new job with Avion Tequila. Good luck!

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