Rapper Juvenile re-imagines LL Cool J on his bouncy new track, aptly titled 'LL Cool.' The original Hot Boy sounds lyrically sharp on the minimalist track.

Over a booming 808 beat and tickling bell melody, Juvie raps ghetto-centric rhymes about guns, drugs and dope boys.

"I bought a crate full of bullets / I got AKs and grenades / My mama saw what I purchase and told me baby behave / She said it ain't really worth it / I said it worth it I'm hurtin' / And if it don't happen quick enough, then it's curtains for certain," he rhymes.

Then Juve recites his catchy chorus, which takes its cue from LL Cool J's classic rap ballad, 'I Need Love.'

"When I'm alone in my room, sometime I stare at the wall / I got my mind on the money / S--- I won't do to ball," he raps.

While listening to the song, we couldn't help but think of Eminem's latest single 'Berzerk,' which is sort of a flip of old Beastie Boys tracks. We may be spotting a trend here with artists paying homage to early rap pioneers in their songs both in lyrics and production.

There's no word on where 'LL Cool' will end up, but it's an infectious tune that should get radio airplay if programmers are open-minded.

In the end, ladies love cool Juvie because he's hard as hell.

Listen to Juvenile's 'LL Cool'