If you didn't cop Justin Timberlake's deluxe edition of 'The 20/20 Experience' at Target then you missed out on two bonus tracks not available on the regular version.

'Body Count' is an energetic disco-esque soul banger that has JT assuming the role as a smooth player on the dance floor. "I had a shy little quite girl / But now she sings opera… loud / But my train is on your track so box out," he commands. The song was produced by Timbaland, who can be heard beat-boxing and spitting adlibs all over the dance track.

The other tune, 'Dress On,' is a down-tempo ballad that could be considered a sequel to 'Suit & Tie.' Timberlake croons sweet come-ons to his lady love and, after a wonderful dinner date, wonders why she is still clothed. "There's something about your body / I'm not in a rush / But girl I'm ready to marry you, yeah, right here in this restaurant / Let's start on our honeymoon / Why do you have your dress on?" he sings. Unceremoniously, Timbo jumps in on the track and spits rhymes about his dimepiece's booty-ful physique as well.

Both songs present JT as a ladies man, which doesn't mirror his current life now that he's a happily-married man.

What do you think of JT's songs 'Body Count' and 'Dress On'? Tell us in the comments below.

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