Here's a video that should tickle your funny bone. The jokesters at Funny or Die created a hilarious video parodying ABC's hit series 'Scandal' to inform people about Obamacare, which rolls out on Oct. 1.

In the satirical clip, Jennifer Hudson portrays the show's main character, crisis manager Olivia Pope (originally played by Kerry Washington), who meets with a government figure, who annoyingly calls her the "fixer."

"I prefer covert scandal manager," she says.

"Oh yeah, fixer? Well, see if you can fix this problem, fixee?" the mystery government official replies. "I'm warning you, fixeroni, this one's a real fixer upper."

But here's the gag: there is no real scandal to speak of because everyone seems to have a question about the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).

From the college-age son who needs to get on his family insurance plan to a young man who has asthma as a preexisting condition, J.Hud informs them they can get health insurance under the ACA.

When a woman complains that her company won't provide mammograms, Hudson explains to her that "the ACA covers preventable care for women's health."

She then adds, "Girl, go find you a scandal."

The funniest scene comes at the end when a married senator confesses to Hudson that his mistress is pregnant.

"Finally, an actual scandal," she replies.

The senator then tells her, "She's pregnant, and she, um, doesn't have health insurance."

A frustrated Hudson then shows the senator how he can sign his mistress up for Obamacare on his computer.

Scandal avoided. Ha!

In the end, for those who need affordable health care, don't call "the fixer," just sign up for Obamacare at And that is no joke!

Tell 'em J.Hud sent ya!

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