If you are planning to attend Jay-Z's show in New York on Monday (July 8), well, you're going to be out of luck. The city has put the kibosh on Hov's planned concert on top of the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

According to the New York Post, the mayor's office expressed concern about the fireworks and terrorism during the holiday weekend.

Another source mentioned that Jay-Z's concert was cancelled for the same reason his 2010 event was turned down.

So, basically, it looks like the city was afraid they couldn't handle the throngs of people who would converge between West 53rd and 54th St., to see Brooklyn's finest rock the mic near Times Square. We understand Mayor Bloomberg's concern for safety, but come on, let Jay-Z be great.

The mayor's office refused to comment on the matter. Reps for Jay-Z and David Letterman were not available for a response.