The video to accompany 'Holy Grail' -- the lead single from Jay Z's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' -- has dropped and like everything surrounding the album's release, it's pretty unconventional.

The Anthony Mandler-directed video, which premiered on Facebook, features Jay Z in an abandoned home, looking stressed and donning an all-black outfit and a huge gold chain. He watches the infamous Mike Tyson fight -- the one where he's downed and eventually loses for the first time in his career -- raps in front of a mirror and stares at a bullet-riddled wall during the clip. The video and the song speeds up and slows down throughout the process in a fashion similar to chopped-and-screwed.

Justin Timberlake's intro doesn't play until after Jay Z's first verse and it seems like he's in a similarly dire situation. In his first appearance, he sits alone at the dinner table as seated women dance under cloths. He sings in front of an enflamed car in his second appearance. Certainly not the same, jovial Timberlake we saw at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Jay Z's focus on artistry is still present throughout the video as there are multiple shots of statues, Timberlake appearing through a ray of light and a slowly crumbling pyramid of champagne glasses.

Provocative imagery isn't anything new for the rapper; 'On To The Next One' from 'The Blueprint 3' featured crucifixes and multiple other religious symbols.