You would think J. Cole would be celebrating now that 'Born Sinner' is in stores, right? Well, not quite. After reading a few lukewarm reviews, Cole went on Twitter Wednesday (June 19) to express his frustrations.

Apparently, Cole was a little ticked off by the critics' "1 listen reviews" and first-week sales projections.

He tweeted, "Projections f---ing up hip hop," adding, "First week tally's f---in up hip hop."

"To keep it real, your whole publication is f---in up hip hop," he continued.

Cole didn't specify which publication he was referring to, nor did he name any critics whose reviews didn't sit well with him.

"Drake saving hip hop. Hov Saving hip hop. Chance the rapper saving hip hop. K.Dot saving hip hop. Ab-Soul saving hip hop," tweeted Cole. "And more important than them n----s. The PEOPLE are saving hip hop. You n----s are Critics. Not fans. F--- critics. The people decide."

If you haven't yet, go out and cop J. Cole's 'Born Sinner.'

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