Since Iggy Azalea is a Wilhelmina model, she's been donning luxury frocks by fashion designers on runways from Paris to New York. For Paper magazine's Nightlife Issue, the Australian rapper flips the script and goes grunge chic on the cover.

It's quite a different look than we normally see from the 'Work' rhymer. If she's not showing off her bodacious figure in a bikini, then she's twerking as a Bollywood princess or titillating as a Las Vegas showgirl.

Nevertheless, Azalea looks fabulous embracing grunge, holding a disco ball in a plaid cardigan sweater, leopard-printed dress and spotted pantyhouse. Smells like Aussie spirit to us.

Inside the mag's pages, Azalea talks about her upbringing in Australia, being part of the "white girls who twerk" phenomenon and her ex-boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

On being a model, the 28-year-old artist prefaces that she's grateful for the modeling opportunities but wishes that people would recognize her as a rapper first.

"It pisses me off that my iTunes biography says I'm a 'model-turned-rapper,' she says. "I was never a model before. Why do people have it in their stupid f---ing fantasies that I was a model? I would've loved to have been a supermodel, but I can't f---ing fit the sizes. I'm a six, not a zero."

Cry us a river, Iggy. But we digress.

On the topic of dating, the 'Bounce' rapper shockingly reveals that she doesn't go out on dates much.

"Guys don’t approach me. I have to approach them," she claims. "It’s so annoying. I think I must have a bitchy face, because guys don’t want to talk to me. It’s true, I have a mean face."

Which leads us to her short-lived romance with Dat PMF. Azalea, who crossed out the "ASAP" tattoo on her pinky finger, says they are "still friends, but I don't have the need to talk to him anymore." Ouch!

As for her debut album, 'The New Classic,' she notes that not every track on the LP is about twerking or popping mollies.

"Oh, these new songs are about loads of stuff," says Azalea. "If I wrote these songs at the beginning of my career, they'd be about ass cheeks. All the songs. Now only one song's about ass cheeks -- out of 16. That's growth right there."

Paper magazine's Nightlife Issue, featuring Iggy Azalea on the cover, is on newsstands now.

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