Iggy Azalea has dropped the video for 'Change Your Life' featuring T.I. and let's start by saying she dazzles in more ways than one in the clip.

We'll also say that one of those ways is pretty NSFW. Azalea starts off the video floating on a pool wearing a bathing suit that partially exposes her nipples. Scenes of her sensually lounging on a bed with a young tiger next to her intercede the explicit shots.

The video only gets more extravagant from there as the loose plot line follows Azalea's adventures as a Las Vegas dancer. The Grand Hustle rapper is seen dancing in showgirl costumes, while T.I. appears in a sharp blazer with a cigar and makes love to her on the roof of a car. He also lampoons as a club owner.

The showiness doesn't necessarily mean the plot is a cohesive one, though. Out of nowhere, Azalea is seen getting arrested while wearing a white blazer. Plus, she suddenly decides to slam a briefcase full of cash into the windshield of a car and then light the vehicle on fire.

The raunchiness and the dramatic turn of events doesn't make much sense, but at least it's a fun sight to look at.

Her debut LP, 'The New Classic,' is still awaiting a 2013 release.

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