Instead of showing the hustling life in 'Work,' Iggy Azalea takes us to India to party it up Bollywood-style in her new video for 'Bounce.'

Set it Mumbai, the Aussie rapper is dressed in ornate saris and metallic dresses (either form-fitting or skin-bearing, of course). Aside from the choreography she does with the ladies in parts of the visual, it's even more impressive to watch her moves while riding an elephant around the city -- one of the video's biggest obstacles.

“It took us a month to find it and we got it, and it was such a shit fight,” she told “We just took this elephant and thugged it down the street, and it was insane.”

Compared to the lo-fi feeling that we get from 'Work,' it's obvious that Azalea went to town on the budget for 'Bounce.' Perks of inking a deal with Def Jam in the U.S. and Mercury in the U.K. perhaps? Either way, the video is a lot of fun to watch and will make your potentially hellish work day into a brighter one.