UPDATE: The songs listed below are not the official titles. Igyy Azalea revealed this information via Twitter. “FYI. Those are not the official names of songs on my track listing I tweeted. Many are just beat names I’ve recorded to,” Iggy tweeted.


Iggy Azalea's 'The New Classic' is set to drop later this year and now the Aussie rapper has some details about the highly-anticipated album.

The blonde-haired rhymer shared the album's tracklist, without revealing any of the features, yesterday (Aug. 8) on her Instagram account with the caption, "I just officially finished my album. Can't even deal.."

The 16-track offering features titles like 'Walk the Line' and 'F--- Love.' Interestingly, her previously released tracks 'Work' and 'Bounce' are not featured.

 'The New Classic' Tracklist

1. 'Walk the Line'
2. 'Goddess'
3. 'Don’t Need Y’all'
4. 'Lady Patia'
5. 'Rolek'
6. 'Leave It'
7. 'Live a Little'
8. 'New Bitch'
9. 'Cheeks'
10. 'Impossible Is nothing'
11. 'Change Your Life'
12. 'F--- Love'
13. 'Last Plane'
14. 'Hilife'
15. 'Monkey'
16. 'Dibbey Sound'


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