Gucci Mane, the Trap God, is back and he has newcomer Young Scooter riding shotgun. With the help of DJs Scream and Spinz, the four put together a solid effort with 'Free Bricks 2.'

Sticking to what they know best -- the trap -- Gucci and Scooter trade trap house-influenced bars throughout the project. While the content from the two rappers may come off as redundant, their wordplay and different angles make one quickly forget the material isn't anything new.

On the Waka Flocka-assisted 'Remix Rerock,' Gucci lets the competition know that he's not one to be played with when it comes to the dope game. "You want some free bears, you better rerock it / I get 'em A1 and then I rerock it / You try to kick the door you get hit with a rocket / Number plugs 'round me, Young Scooter the sidekick," he rhymes.

Keeping up with the song and the "why rap when I can trap" mentality, Gucci spits, "And I never stop trapping, I won't retire / These n----s just rapping, these n----s really liars / I'm smoking on power, whipping on power / And these suckers might swag but it really makes me prouder." Just like basketball great Pee Wee Kirkland, who passed on the NBA to keep hustling, Gucci keeps trapping because he's getting more money there than the music.

Following in his mentor Gucci's footsteps, Young Scooter showcases his talent as a future trapstar in his own right throughout 'Free Bricks 2.' Although he may not be a punchline-heavy rapper, Scooter makes up for this deficiency with his flow.

The younger rhymer really shines on the track 'Keep Workin,' as he raps, "With no days off Young Scooter gotta work / With this remix dope I got the trap going berserk / If I f--- around and take my shirt off baby, you might see some work / I got bricks on top of belts, and I got belts on top of M's." It's too early to say that Scooter will reach Waka Flocka success, but he's not one to be glossed over here.

This mixtape may not be Gucci's best effort, but it serves as a nice introduction to Young Scooter.



Listen to Gucci Mane & Young Scooter's 'Free Bricks 2' Mixtape

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