Congratulations, Eminem! After four consecutive wins, he is the next rapper to enter's Rap Battle Hall of Fame.

Eminem‘s new track, ‘Symphony in H,’ proves he's back with a vengeance. Considering we’ve hardly heard from the rapper in a while, it’s refreshing to get Marshall Mathers back on the mic. The song is roughly 90 seconds with one verse, but the power behind the track reminds you why you fell in love with his work in the first place.

“Love stinks, that explains all this anger that’s spillin’ out / And I ain’t chillin’ out / Got an Oscar but I’m still a grouch / I use it as a doorstop and a prop and a broken leg for the couch,” he delivers.

Mathers started his run in the Rap Battle against the Wu-Tang Clan, who were already going strong and won two battles with their song 'Family Reunion.' However, Em's track was just the stronger one that week. This momentum continued as he dominated the votes in the following rounds with Future, A$AP Ferg and finally, Atlanta rap trio, Migos.

Other Hall of Famers include Tyler the Creator and Lauryn Hill.

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