DMX is known for being sweaty and shirtless when rocking the mic (see 'Get at Me Dog' video). But the New York rapper took shirtless-ness to another level when he appeared on the cover of his second album, 'Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood.'

The Ruff Ryders rapper was topless and standing in a bathtub drenched head to toe in blood. WTF?

Famed photographer Jonathan Mannion, who shot the iconic cover, revealed that getting X to bathe in 60 gallons of blood was no easy task.

"He's looking at the tub, and I'm looking at him, and he's looking back at me, and he's like, 'You want me to get in it?'" he recalls for HipHopDX. "We got in, I had chills the entire time we were shooting."

"[DMX] got in with his own pants realizing that he had 14 other pants on a rack in the other room that the stylist brought," he continues. "And we had an incredible day and made amazing pictures."

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